About us

We simplify complexity
No project too complex

No project is too complex for us. It challenges us and brings out the best in us. Whether it has to do with the construction, location or environment, or who our partners are.

However big the ambition, you can build on Robust Structures. And we always build with you.

We go further for each other. We think along from the start, and from our knowledge we offer a solution that suits your situation. Because all projects deserve a unique approach.

More than 50 years of experience

National and international projects

Production & coating capacity of 25,000 tonnes per year

30,000 m² site with in-house production

General contractor role & project management

Design and construction projects

Specialising in turnkey projects

Hybrid steel and concrete structures

Experience in

Knowledge of

In house

All projects deserve a unique approach. That is our conviction. That is why we promise to make complex easy. This is the feeling we want to convey to everyone who comes into contact with Robust Structures. We make sure every client feels heard and helped.

We live up to this through our five core values. Committed is our self-worth, the value we want to be known for. In addition, at our core, we are resourceful and connecting. Robust Structures is an expert and reliable organisation and by combining these values, we continue to grow.



We come up with surprising solutions
Every project is unique for us. It drives us and challenges us to think differently. We prefer to do this from the very first moment in the process. That way, we don't just come up with solutions that every party comes up with, but surprise with an approach that realises each project in the right way.


We go on for each other
In our work, we are committed to each other. We like to go that extra mile, go even further, and are always willing to support each other. We work for and with each other. Because only together do we arrive at appropriate solutions. We need everyone for that.


We bring people and solutions together
You achieve the best results together. With the right people at the right time for each project. Robust Structures does this not only by working together. We are the connecting factor in this. We achieve solutions by bringing people and ideas together and building relationships with these parties.


We combine knowledge, skills and experience
At Robust Structures, we know what we are talking about. And this expertise doesn't just happen overnight. We bring theory, practice and talent together. For every problem, we have an expert solution that we bring to life through substantive knowledge.


We honour our commitments
You can rely on Robust Structures. Because with us, a promise really is a promise. We ensure that you always enter the project with certainty. And if something changes that we cannot avoid together? Then we simply make new clear agreements with each other. In order to bring every project to a successful conclusion.

Robust Structures from 1973 to today

1 June 2023
18 April 2024

SCZ B.V. was founded

Staalconstructie Zeeland, abbreviated to SCZ B.V., was founded. In the years that followed, the necessary takeovers took place and the company grew rapidly to become one of the best-known steel and construction companies in the Benelux and internationally. Many wonderful projects were built and delivered. You can read more about this at projects.

AR Holding B.V. takes off

On 1 June 2023, we announced that we were starting AR Holding. In doing so, we were active in the steel industry, offshore and total construction. With AR Structural B.V. we operated in the steel market and with AR Bouw B.V. we operated in the construction market. These companies operated together from the familiar address at Belder 101 in Roosendaal, which has over 30,000 m² of in-house production facilities.

New name for the company: Robust Structures

We proudly introduced the new name for our organisation on 18 April. Robust Structures stands for ROosendaal BUildings and STeel Structures Why a new name? Because we believe in the power of innovation to make complex easy. Robust Structures is more than just a new name, it is a promise to make the difference with years of expertise. However big the ambition, you can build on Robust Structures. And we always build with you. We are happy to cooperate!