National Military Museum

In this project, a number of parties were selected who were allowed to offer their own design and themed experiences, for a predetermined budget. This budget also included the maintenance costs for a period of 25 years. Heijmans decided to put together a construction team in which we were made responsible for the realisation of the steel structures within the given preconditions. The roof has a total surface area equivalent to four football pitches and is constructed of steel trusses that are continuous in both directions. This enabled free spans of up to 85 metres and cantilevers of up to 30 metres. Despite the large spans, the roof construction has a low deadweight and particularly high load-bearing capacity. This even makes it possible to hang complete combat aircraft from the roof, which immediately gives a spectacular interpretation of the theme of this special museum.

The stability and load-bearing capacity of the building is guaranteed by connecting the trusses in both directions, creating a disc effect throughout the roof structure. Because of the character of the building, a black steel structure was chosen, with all connections incorporated within the profile dimensions. The steel roof construction is largely visible, making it the most prominent part of the museum's architecture. The structure has a gross floor area of 30,000 m² and contains over 3,000 tonnes of steel. The National Military Museum houses collections of the Army Museum from Delft and the Military Aviation Museum from Soesterberg.